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The Maple Grove Robotics Booster Club Supports Crimson Robotics

Board Members

President: Scott Wold
Vice President: Derek Haidle
Treasurer: Alan Savage
Secretary: Lisa Nebel
At Large Positions: Valerie Platt, Shannon Heim and Vishal Arora

Crimson Robotics (Team 2526) from Maple Grove High School in Maple Grove, Minnesota participates in the challenging task of engineering, building, maintaining and supporting a robot to compete in the international FIRST® Robotics Competition. The time, effort, and pure brain power that the students put into this program is awe-inspiring.

The Robotics team members contribute to every aspect of the “business”. They develop skills such as programming, engineering, public relations, fundraising, marketing, social media, community outreach, and more. In the end, the students not only create a robot for competition; they gain life skills and experiences that will benefit them in everything they do going forward.

This innovative program is funded through generous donations and sponsorship from individuals and corporations in the community.

The Maple Grove Robotics Booster Club is a nonprofit organization recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

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