We love volunteers!  We welcome all skill levels and areas of expertise.  Mentorship and volunteerism are absolutely critical for a robotics club.  In the great robotics clubs, the mentors and volunteers outnumber the kids.

All interested person must be willing to submit to and pass a background check.

Here are our volunteer opportunities :

Boost Club Board Member

All Booster Club Board Member positions are currently filled for the 2018-2019 season.  However, if you are interested in applying for the 2019-2020 season, please contact us at contact us.

FTC Supervisors

We are seeking a parent/mentor to help supervise FTC sessions during the evening.  No experience required, we just need someone to make sure the room is open and provide basic supervision. To volunteer, contact us.

Open House Co-Coordinator

We are seeking a parent/mentor to help organize the fall open house.  The purpose of the open house is to showcase the FTC robots that the students are building and give new parents an in-depth introduction to FRC – the winter competition.  This takes minimal time to coordinate. To volunteer, contact us.

Fundraising Coordinator

We are seeking a parent/mentor to help organize our fundraising efforts.  The fundraising coordinator will work with the board, coaches and students to help keep fundraising on track and be a mentor in planning. To volunteer, contact us.

Videography Coordinator

We are seeking a parent/mentor (more than one) to volunteer to get video of competitions.  To volunteer, contact us.

Lunch and Snack Coordinator

Our team members work very hard during build sessions and are always in need of brain power.  Please brings snacks in line with normal allergy precautions (ie., chips, granola bars, non-perishable snacks – note we do not currently have a place to store fresh items). Snacks are needed for after school sessions.  Lunch is for Saturday sessions during FRC season.